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How to Install Fence Posts

A yard or lawn is the outdoor sanctuary of one’s home that allows homeowners to relax and enjoy the beauty of their garden. Privacy within your garden is always preferred and thus, a fence may need to be built in order to ensure the safety and security of you and your family. The first step of building a fence is to install fence posts around the perimeter of the property in order to establish the layout of the yard. The below mentioned steps will go over how one can properly install fence posts around their yard.

With the help of a tape measure, determine the layout of the area where the fence is to be installed. Once you know where your fence is going to be installed, the next step is to lay the foundation of the fence, that is the fence posts. After the points of stabilization have been established, you need to insert a stake into each one of these points in order to identify where the fence posts will be situated.

A typical fence consists of 4X4 sized fence posts but any size can be used. The hole for the fence posts should be approximately 4 inches wider than the fence posts. If there is no frost where the fence is being installed, you may be required to dig holes with the intention that one half of the exposed height of the post is underground. In case, there are areas where frost takes place, you need to be no less than 6 inches below the frost line. The best way to dig holes is with the help of a gas powered auger. Alternatively, you may also dig them using a shovel, however this can be very lengthy and also tiring.

When digging the holes, you must leave room, a few extra inches is intended for putting in a gravel base. The gravel base will create a drainage system under the fence posts. Once the holes are dug out, you need to start mixing the concrete using a wheelbarrow bucket. Insert your first fence post inside the hole and start adding in the concrete with the help of a shovel. Once the concrete has been put in, level the fence posts and make them even.

Once the first post has been installed, move to the next corner fence post and stretch a line of string from the first fence post to the second in order for you to ensure that you have a straight and even line. Once all the corner fence posts have been installed, you can continue to install the fence posts that are situated between the corner posts. This will make sure you don’t get an uneven fence.

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