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How To Build a Wooden Fence

Fences make a great addition to one’s house. They are beautiful and they not only add beauty to the appearance of one’s home but also provide safety and privacy. It also helps to keep stray animals and your neighbors pets away from your flower beds. Wooden fences are becoming increasingly popular nowadays because of the fact that they are very cost effective and are also relatively easy to install on your own. In this article, we will talk about how one can go about building a wooden fence.

Firstly, building a wooden fence requires you to determine the layout of the area where the fence is to be installed with the help of a tape measure. This is usually along the property line, so you need to make sure it does not stray over your neighbor’s property, otherwise you will have to move it later. In order to carry out the building of a wooden fence, the next step would be to determine the height of the fence and whether or not it meets your needs. The average height for a privacy fence is 6 feet, for a livestock fence 4 feet should suffice and picket fences are typically 3 feet high.

The next step of building a wooden fence is to install end posts that are situated at either end of any corners along the fence. Subsequently, in order to carry out building a wooden fence, dig holes using an auger or a post hole digger deep enough with the intention that they can support the fence structure. When it comes to determining the depth, you must take into consideration various factors such as soil conditions, the fence height, and the fence type. Building a wooden fence then requires you to insert the fence posts into the holes and fill in around the posts with dirt or cement.

The process of building a wooden fence also includes pulling a line from one end post to the other using a string or thread. This will allow you to dig the in-between holes in alignment with the fence and give you a depth in order that the posts will all be of equal height. Building a wooden fence also involves laying out the holes between the end posts in such a way that they are at a distance of eight feet center to center and insert the remaining fence posts into the holes.

If you are building a wooden fence with privacy as the main purpose, then you should nail a 2×4 board from post to post along the fence at the top, center and bottom of each post and then nail the vertical boards, usually about 1×6 in size.

The last and final step of building a wooden fence is to paint the finished fence with a good quality waterproof sealer that will preserve and maintain the wood for many years. Hope this article was resourceful and will assist you in building a wooden fence.

Benefits of a Backyard Fence

It is obvious that fencing is required when living in an area where many homes are built within close proximity to each other. Having a back yard fence not only separates your yard from the neighbor’s and gives your backyard its own space but it also provides privacy to homeowners. It is a physical boundary that divides your property from the neighbor’s. Privacy is a necessity in today’s society and is a luxury that should be preserved, particularly in your own backyard.

An added advantage of the backyard fence is that it provides controlled accessibility. If you have a swimming pool or a hot tub in your backyard, adding a backyard fence with a gate lock will allow you to keep watch over the entrance for guests and keep away stray animals or intruders. Pool safety is extremely important and the last thing any homeowner wants is to have a child drown in their swimming pool. A backyard fence of good height along with a locked gate will help one control the access to the swimming pool or hot tub area and allow for more peace of mind and composure when the children are playing.

In addition to this, a backyard fence also keeps unwanted pests and people out of your yard. Whether it is a critter or a trespasser, a backyard fence will act as a barrier that will often prevent them from entering your yard. The backyard fence not only keeps stray animals and intruders from entering but also prevents your children and pets from wandering off. Children and pets may find it very difficult to leave the yard if there is a backyard fence that stands between them and the street. A backyard fence provides a safe and secure area for small children to play away from the dangers of busy neighborhood streets.

A backyard fence has a number of advantages as mentioned earlier in the article. A backyard fence is also an excellent aesthetic outdoor feature for one’s home. A backyard fence is available in a variety of different colors and styles. The backyard fence allows the maximum security and complete control over access into your property. A backyard fence also adds to the value of one’s property and is an upgrade that will pay for itself.

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