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Types of Fence Screening

Fencing is an important part of any property in view of the fact that it serves as a partition for homes and also provides privacy but what should you do if your fence starts to wear out and look weary and unpleasant? You do not have to go through the hassle or expenses associated with the replacement of your fence. Fence screening is an ideal solution to your problem.

Fence screening can be described as any screening material that has the ability to hide or conceal the existing fence. Fence screening is extremely useful if you do not like the color, style or design of the fence as you can easily hide the fence without going through the troubles of repairing or replacing your fence. In addition to this, fence screening can also provide a completely new ambience to your yard or garden. Fence screening also benefits homeowners by providing privacy, which is essential since houses tend to be built closer together.

There are a number of different types of fence screening that one can choose from and some of the most common include:

Brushwood Screens:
Brushwood screens are made from Melaleuca by cutting the Melaleuca brush and putting it into panels that are fastened with the help of a wire. One can affix as many or as few brushwood fence screening panels as they want. It offers a very beautiful, natural appearance and requires low maintenance.

Steel Slat Screens:
This particular type of screen fencing is made up of a combination of slats and louvers. It is made using lightweight pre-painted steel that is available in a number of various colors. Steel slat fence screening is extremely durable and very long-lasting with virtually no maintenance. The slats come in different sizes so one can choose the width that they think will look best.

Bamboo Screens:
If you are looking for an outstanding fence screening that is also eco-friendly, then bamboo fencing screens are right for you. A common type of bamboo screen is where reeds are tied together with the help of a wire with the intention of creating panels that can be easily attached to the fence. You can choose the thickness of the reeds depending on the look that you desire.

Decorative Timber Screens:
If you think the appearance of timber looks attractive and if you want to integrate the same into your yard, the ideal choice would be decorative timber fence screening that can be attached directly in front of your existing fence. You can also use timber fence screens that have timber slats attached in a horizontal or vertical manner or even at an angle in order to create a beautiful and natural appearance. You can also paint the timber using a color of your choice or stain it in order to reveal its natural beauty.

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